Our Force

We are a group of professionals working in various fields but with one objective; to help share books… as many as possible.

  1. Mr. S.R. Udapa: He has the distinction of being the first Indian to start ‘Quality Circle’ in 1980 as General Manager, Operations, at Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited. As an employee participation method, Quality Circle has gained importance in enhancing employees’ work potential and work life. His distinguished efforts in this area have been acknowledged globally.
  2. Dr. Ramesh V. Bhat: As former Director of National Institute of Nutrition, he was involved in evolving methods for detection of food adulterants and contaminants. Credited with doing important work in the area of food safety, he has served as consultant to UN agencies and worked in several Asian, African and Pacific-rim countries.
  3. Mr. Amrthesh. N: He is the Managing Director of Venchars Media Communication Pvt Ltd. With his strong sense of ethics, innovative mind and passion for perfection, he created a definite niche, catering to several known pharmaceutical companies. His company is responsible for creating strong and distinct brand identities in healthcare communications.
  4. Mr. Ranganathan: An anchor of this project, his keen sense of detailing and setting out aspirations creates a positive impact. The same spirit of zeal was noticed in his work years at Hindustan Unilever, one of India’s largest consumer goods company. His experience and knowledge in solving situational problems is widely respected.